We understand your processes, legal compliance issues, everyday pressures and your barriers to sustainable business progress.  We combine technical expertise accumulated over 25+ years with our unique insight gained from extensive cross-sector experience.

All services are delivered with a clear understanding that you don’t pay us to
find problems – you pay us to deliver future-proofed solutions!

Our assessment of YOUR sustainability opportunities + benefits, and the mapping of YOUR Positive Transition Pathway is only an email or call away:

As we are likely to work with you for 2-5 years, depending on your envisioned timescale for leadership, albeit in a “light-touch” capacity to empower and accelerate your journey, initial work is highly subsidised because we want to build trust with our committed clients for the journey ahead.  This also ensures we all start with an agreed understanding of your vision for the company.

We welcome all enquiries or opportunities to discuss your specific needs or circumstances, or please feel free to email

While this site and the team develops, in the first instance, please contact:

Derek Panton – Sustainability Specialist

BSc  MSc  MIEMA  CEnv  (+IEMA-regd. Environmental Auditor)

M: 07968 177394

Totally Sustainability trading under Ecolibrium (Sustainable Solutions) Ltd. – Est. 1995;  Regd. Company:  SC183883, Edinburgh, EH9 3EQ.