Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals can unlock at least $12 trillion in business opportunities
(Business Commission 2017)

There is no business case for business-as-usual!

Fortunately, operating with sustainable business principles integrated into core systems will deliver many wide-ranging benefits.  Even putting to one side the wider benefits to society, the natural systems on which we depend, and, therefore, to every one of us as individuals, the basic Business Case is overwhelming:
  • Competitive advantage  (from appropriate, credible and optimised demonstration of progress)
  • Improved attraction and retention of talented individuals (younger generations are increasingly choosy about who to work for, as well as who to buy from)
  • Reduced or eliminated utility, raw material and waste costs (per unit of output, options / efficiencies are rarely optimised; circular models overcome finite supply issues and increasing cost)
  • Improved wellbeing of all personnel (increasing productivity, reducing absenteeism and enhancing innovation)
  • Increased assurance of business continuity (eg. from circular, more efficient and/or reduced supply chains)
  • Reduced risk of prosecution and negative publicity (eg. from incidents or other non-compliances with H&S and environmental regs.)
  • Improved resilience in the face of increasing uncertainty and disruption
  • Reduced insurance, easier business finance and lower cost of financial capital  (through ability to demonstrate management of risks).

Business-as-usual is falling behind!  Delay will raise costs and reduce benefits……..


We have a deep evidence base, with which we will illustrate the undoubted benefits as we develop the site.


Introducing value-driven sustainability management!

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