Apologies! In progress, but please continue…….

We always have an answer!  Certainly to your sustainability questions and your aspirations to lead your sector………. 

Then we listen!  And we keep listening as we work with you to identify YOUR answers…..  Your vision and pathway to success!
Yes, we are a new enterprise!  But we are certainly not new to business………..  Indeed, all our Sustainability Specialists have committed at least 20 years to becoming leaders in their fields, working with organisations to implement solutions and deliver the benefits of more sustainable approaches!  Ultimately, working lives devoted to driving sustainable business towards the mainstream.

But, Why Now? 

The evidence tells us that we are moving in the right direction in many areas, and it is now even widely recognised that sustainability is in everyone’s best interests.  However, the pace of progress delivered by conventional approaches is far too slow to meet critical timescales
One of the main barriers for busy business leaders is the confusing array of “solutions” and assistance sources available, which also has the effect of obscuring the very clear business benefits of sustainable approaches.  As highly experienced practitioners and innovators, we have solutions to this too……………..
We believe that the empowerment of sector-leading organisations to the success and prosperity of sustainable operation is the only way to drive whole sectors towards critical 2020s goals and well beyond.  We have developed our unique approach to optimise the pace of change.  


Commitment is what you bring, momentum is what we deliver, and your sector leadership is our destination.
In the face of these conventional approaches with limited effectiveness, we are not going to be “unconventional” for the sake of it, but we know where to challenge the established to reach your destination at pace, without diversion. 

(The only exception may be that, faced with developing a conventional “consultancy” website, with standard / expected format and pages, we deliberately took a different approach – this website, focussed on you and what other potential customers might seek to ensure their future success.  Time will tell whether our WWW approach is successful!  And, anyway, we are partners, not consultants!).

More collaborative operation and smarter circular business models will undoubtedly be part of the solution, but competition still rules, and we are confident that you will move ahead of the competition!  Indeed, we guarantee that you will be showing strongly at sustainability awards at agreed points on your transformation pathway.  Diminishing success, potentially affecting survival, will dictate that sector-lagging organisations will have to raise their game in response to sector leaders.
But, let’s be clear, we are not offering you a shortcut to sustainability, but YOUR most cost-effective pathway through the confusion to the benefits and success of sustainable business.  Our wealth of experience tells us that sustainability can be extremely positive for your organisation, working towards an inspiring vision of the future, rather than reacting to the current disaster avoidance agenda.  So, we actively avoid this agenda (98+% of articles tell us how bad things are going to get!), as, ultimately, this is designed to scare us into action, but is deeply uninspiring!
But, we’re not interested in style over substance, nor a good story over real transforming action that will further your journey to sector leadership.  We totally understand that your organisation is unique, so a 1-size-fits-all approach offered by most consultants simply won’t do!
All services are delivered with a clear understanding that you don’t pay us to find problems – you pay us to deliver solutions!
We do thought leadership!  But, we’d rather be working with you to deliver action leadership and your sector leadership………….


Our mission is to work with visionary organisations and leaders that truely understand and value reaching for sustainability, mobilising our wealth of skills and experience to ensure that they become the most successful in their sector.  As their success inspires others to follow, we continue to help to mainstream sustainability and multiply a critical mass of highly successful organisations benefiting from more sustainable operation; until there is only one recognised route to future success…….  working within the finite limits of the planet, respecting all it’s people and generating prosperity for all.


Our vision is that the expertise of our Sustainability Specialists is no longer needed!  We can put our feet up!  Totally relax!  Organisations have transformed to become organisations that realise that the financial aspects of action, processes or projects are only just about as important as the longer term social or environmental value (which feedback into economic gains).  Globally, carbon emissions have peaked and, in fact, emission reduction is such a core consideration that we have moved on to options and solutions that actually drawdown ambient greenhouse gases.  Levels of individual well-being are soaring and younger / future generations can once again look forward with enormous optimism.

We help you drive, deliver and demonstrate your sector leadership against recognised UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Science-Based Targets, aligning with best practice guidelines developed over many years; for example, by the Institute of Environmental Management + Assessment (IEMA), a worldwide alliance of sustainability professionals.

Totally Team

The people in the team we have available for you are sustainability innovators, totally committed to making a difference, having devoted long careers to empowering organisations to deliver economic, social and environmental improvement.  We clearly understand why there is doom-and-gloom associated with climate change and other critical issues, primarily due to slow progress, but we are totally unconvinced that it has to be that way.  There is an enormous opportunity for those that get it……. and get on with it!
Being totally honest, as a new enterprise bringing innovation and vision to launching a new positive approach to challenge the conventional, the full team is still in development.  We cannot be 100% sure our unique approach will gain the traction we know it could and should, so we all bring a needed flexibility to team building for the moment………..  But, please watch this space!

Nevertheless, as above, all the specialists currently expressing interest in involvement with Totally Sustainability have at least 20 years experience as leaders in their fields.

Leading on business development for the moment is Derek Panton     Image result for linkedin logo

C.I.W.E.M. Full Chartered Member,  I.E.M.A. Full Member,  I.E.M.A. Regd. Environmental Auditor,  Chartered Environmentalist

With 25+ years fine-tuning his skills working with more than 500 organisations on strategy, resource/carbon management, circular economy, audits, ISO 14001/standards, technology/solution implementation, water management, climate change/risk management, Derek has the insight to lead initial engagement, delivery and team building.  He has complementary scientific, technology, auditing and management qualifications, training and skills which ensures optimised outcomes for clients.

Improved performance has been delivered in a number of roles: external specialist (mainly), part of multi-national sustainability team, and helping to roll out UK and Scottish govt best practice initiatives. This provides a unique 360° perspective on current risks and opportunities, the state-of-the-art in strategy, technology and best practice, and the direction of travel of successful future organisations.

He has gained a large proportion of his experience across all the most economically important sectors in Scotland:


We have enhanced our capability to create a positive and compelling vision for C-Suite leaders of the future greater business benefits of transforming to sustainability.  Ultimately, we empower these leaders to develop their own sustainable business visions of the future

Please note, our years of experience ensure we can also do gravitas and climate doom-and-gloom, but that’s not nearly such fun!  (Or as effective!).  We’d rather just deliver solutions until your totally sorted……….